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July 07, 2015

East coast skateboarder makes the best out of a rainy day

Here in the east coast, we put up with a lot of crappy weather like rain. But rain doesn't stop Dave Mull from having a good time in this video presented by The Berrics. Watch as Dave shreds through the rainy streets of Vermont. More like this here.


Edit by: The Worble 

June 24, 2015

Jay Z puts his money where his mouth is

Jay Z one of the most respected OG's of East Coast hip hop & business mastermind put his money where his mouth is buying Tidal, a subscription based music & video streaming service. He put on a free show to Tidal subscribers dropping a freestyle dissing Apple, Google and others for trying to buy him. Watch the whole entire concert on Tidal here.

Here's a quick clip



June 24, 2015

Brooklyn Artist Turns Metrocards into Artwork

Juan Carlos Pinto was fed up with rising metro card prices & one day got caught jumping the turnstiles in Brooklyn. He decided to protest by creating art out of discarded cards and now has become famous for his amazing art.


 See more of this art & consider buying a one-of-a-kind piece! #eastcoastcreative 


June 22, 2015

"Going Right" East Coast Surfing at its Best!

Which coast is the "right" coast? Just ask surfing filmmaker Jeffery O'Neil and he will tell you without question, the EAST! Watch Brett Barley, Cory Lopez, Cash Barris, Joey Crum, Parker Sawyer, Hunter Hicks, Grady Kenner, and more absolutely tear up the Outer Banks in "Going Right."

Going Right from Jeffrey O'Neil on Vimeo


February 02, 2015

Patriots Win Superbowl & diss Seahawks on Twitter

Representing the #eastcoast, Tom Brady led the Pats to a nail-biting win over the Seahawks last night.

The final score was 28-24, and it came down to the last play...and this is a last play that will forever live on in infamy. 

"The DUMBEST play in Super Bowl history.." Everyone is up in arms. See what some of the other NFL players have said as they took to Twitter after the game. 

What do you think...worst play call in history? #eastcoast #patriotsnation

January 30, 2015

The Montauk Boys surf snow blizzard Juno

While most of you were curled up on the couch under blankets this winter, the Montauk Boys were out splashing in  the bone chilling ocean having the time of their life. Such sick surfing in absolutely insane cold conditions, this ain't no so cal surfing! . . . east coast!!!

Surfers: Charlie Weimar, Nick Joeckel, Travis beckman, Zack Dayton, and Grant Monahan

Edit by: Bartholomew Schwarz

James Katsipis is a Montauk based surf photographer. James also braved the weather to capture some pretty rad photos of the boys; Grant Monohan, Nick Joeckel, Charlie Weimer, Travis Beckmann & more.

Charlie Weimer on a decent sized right wave.

Check out more photos from James Katsipis HERE

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